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South Wellfield First School

Welcome to South Wellfield First School where We Shine Brightly!

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We shine brightly in Maths when we work through the curriculum together as a class, thinking, reasoning and discussing mathematical concepts. We use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations as well as scaffolds and models to make maths accessible and enjoyable for all, as we believe all our children are mathematicians. We take a ‘keep up’ not ‘catch up’ approach so any children that are not secure in their understanding will receive same day interventions. Our curriculum aims to:

  • develop fluency in the fundamental areas of maths including place value, times tables and arithmetic and have the opportunity to practise.
  • explore concepts in depth providing opportunities to reason logically, spot patterns and make generalisations and connections.
  • use their mathematical understanding to break down problems into smaller steps and select the most efficient method.
  • explain their mathematical thinking using mathematical vocabulary both orally and in writing; this will be modelled and supported using stem sentences.
  • apply their learning in a range of contexts both within maths and across other subjects and they are aware of its application in real life.


White Rose have developed a number of resources to support your child's learning of maths at home. They have a One Minute Maths App to help develop fluency in number facts and a range of free workbooks.

If you would like to explore more mathematical problems and investigations with your child, the Nrich have a range of ideas to explore.


Our maths  is delivered through five daily maths lesson which consist of one arithmetic lesson and four maths lessons that follow our lesson structure and curriculum overview. Not only that, but we are part of the nationwide Mastering Number Programme, which is the ‘phonics of maths’, aimed at securing number fluency and basic number sense for children in EYFS and KS1. This takes place in an additional shorter maths session four days a week. We have chosen to extend this additional provision into KS2 so all our children benefit from additional time to secure number fluency.

We also have our very own Rainbow Tables which breaks down all the multiplication and division facts into small steps that the children can work through at their own pace.

Our children also practise number fluency using Numbots and Times Tables Rockstars. If you need anymore information take a look at the guides below.

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We have created our own Maths Vocabulary document 

We will always have STEM with us. Some things will drop out of the public eye and will go away but there will always be science, engineering and technology.  And there will always, always be mathematics." Katherine Johnson NASA Research Mathematician.                                                                     

Good maths teaching in our school will follow our lesson structure and be rooted in the 5 Big Ideas developed by the National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics. Children will be hands on, engaged in the learning, feel confident to challenge and be challenged in a safe, inclusive environment.

Our arithmetic sessions focus on different calculation strategies. To find out more please click below.

Well - nurtured The Mastery approach is, by it's nature, about planning maths which is accessible for all in an environment where mistakes are celebrated. As stated by Albert Einstein, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” We foster a growth mindset, so children have the resilience to try and fail and try again, tackling the most challenging of problems in a supportive environment.
Well - rounded  Each year, children will meet a different mathematician and explore their impact on the world. From our very own Ada Lovelace to Katherine Johnson, one of the first African American women to send astronauts to the moon, to exploring the wonders of the Fibonacci sequence.  Our maths curriculum is further enriched through taking part in events such as ‘England Rocks’ and providing opportunities to further their maths skills in our lunchtime maths games club.
Well - equipped Our curriculum is designed to introduce an element of problem solving and reasoning in every lesson. As children move through the maths curriculum, they will develop their skills of critical thinking and tackling problems in a logical, sequential manner. These are lifelong learning skills which will extend far beyond the maths curriculum.
Well - read In maths we also have our very own book spine. This includes books which link to particular areas of maths or particular year groups such as Decimal Dragon in Year 4 and books which link to other areas of the curriculum such as We all Went on Safari which forms part of the work on Tanzania in Year 1. In addition, each year group has its very own maths book related to their inspirational mathematician.
Well -connected Maths is all around us and we are dedicated to securing basic number sense, so our children develop fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number right from the Early Years. We strive to make explicit connections in maths, so our children understand its application in real life to areas such as money and measure, but they understand it’s importance in other subjects and careers such as architecture, computer programming, engineering and astronomy.


To find out more about our maths curriculum and what we have to offer, please click on the images below.